The Turf Shed Podcast

The Turf Shed Podcast

The Turf Shed Podcast is an Irish based video/audio podcast focusing on the entertainment industry. Founders Dylan Connolly and Evan Barrows from Co. Galway have an ambition to bring a behind the scenes look into the priceless and unknown stories from your most loved entertainers. From new and up and coming acts to your household entertainment names, we have it all right here. In association with Turf Shed Productions, every second Wednesday, followers will be able to enjoy a new episode.
Welcome to The Turf Shed.

Galway, Ireland

#8 - Robin Ball

10/02/2021 | 66 mins.
The Turf Shed Podcast - #8 - Robin Ball

Join us this week as we sit down and talk to Robin Ball. Robin is a recording engineer, mixer, producer, videographer and digital marketer.

Having worked with some of the biggest names across the music industry, Robin gives us his insights and perspective on the music and recording industry.

From touring with U2 to sitting behind the desk recording some of Ireland’s best known acts, Robin is a wealth of knowledge.

This episode is a must listen for anyone with an interest in the music production world.

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