The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Join Ireland’s most popular comic satirist for brand new comedy, rants about the state of the world, and interviews with a twist. You never know what you’ll get by pressing play on this podcast, but you always know Mario Rosenstock will be there to welcome you in.

Dublin, Ireland

No Limbs, No Limits, and NO HOLDS BARRED

08/04/2021 | 54 mins.
The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

My guests on this episode do NOT hold back, and rightly so. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to get off our chests these days and what better way to help the nation vent than to get Joanne Riordan, podcaster and star of No Limbs No Limits, and broadcaster Suzanne Kane around a virtual table to sound off about some of the things we’re all talking about these days – like the Dáil circus, movie awards on zoom, iPhone Memory videos from a time we could eat, drink and be merry, Claire Byrne Live’s crazy reconstructions, and so, so much more.

Ive also got a whole new type of sketch for you, perhaps very different to what you’re used to. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you have fun listening to it.

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