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The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Join Ireland’s most popular comic satirist for brand new comedy, rants about the state of the world, and interviews with a twist. You never know what you’ll get by pressing play on this podcast, but you always know Mario Rosenstock will be there to welcome you in.

Dublin, Ireland

Ronan O’Gara answers my call

25/03/2021 | 48 mins.
The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Midway through my interview with ROG there was a pitch invasion. Not the kind either he and I are used to – the kind where a bunch of kids storm the room and demand that I start to do impressions of their father. It was the best kind of interruption to any interview I’ve ever done, have a listen. Pitch invasions aside, ROG did NOT hold back in this chat. From his home in France, he’s unimpressed with how the Irish authorities are approaching lockdowns; he pulled me up on a few of my impressions and my thoughts his Rugby career; and he was incredibly open about how much the mood in the La Rochelle camp needs to improve. But he also shared some touching stories about how he cried watching Rachel Blackmore’s post-win Cheltenham interview; his deep, unwavering love of Cork; and, most importantly, how he well I’m aging. So basically I’m a seriously HOT 50-yr old  (my words not his). Also, in this episode of The Mario Rosenstock Podcast, we’re bringing you some brand new comedy. In a week where mandatory quarantines have dominated the news agenda, I check out what some of my favourite podcasters are saying about it – Tommy and Hector, Blindboy, and David McWilliams – and eavesdrop on some not-for-air editorial discussions. Enjoy – and drop me a line any time on the details below



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