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The Corporate Innovator is a podcast that gives you direct access to visionary leaders, makers and advisors to answer the burning questions in today's corporate world. How do large organisations adapt to compete with and even out-manoeuvre new market entrants? How do you foster a deeply embedded culture of innovation? How do you juggle the board, management layers and shareholders whilst creating a new product that customers actually want? We go straight to the source across a range of industries, from private tech to government, venture capital and beyond to hear how to create systematic growth and make a real impact. Hosted by renowned innovation leader John Chambers, ex-Telstra product and innovation executive and current Managing Partner at digital innovation company IE, we speak candidly with those at the top to see what it takes to make the right first step and continuously innovate to avoid disruption and find new growth paths.

Melbourne, Australia

Exponential Innovation Managing Director Leslie Barry on being one of the pioneers of the Pretotyping method adopted by leading companies worldwide

11/03/2020 | 35 mins.
The Corporate Innovator

Leslie Barry is the local pioneer in the burgeoning field of Pretotyping which was first experimented with by Google in the early 2000s and mastered by Alberto Savoia, Leslie’s mentor. In this episode, we’ll explore the Pretotyping evolution over the years, how it challenged traditional methods as a faster, cheaper and more reliable alternative as data becomes more readily available. Like all strategies however, it presents both new opportunities and new risks. Pretotyping’s methods are vast and Leslie knows them all - he invented some himself, so who better to talk to?

This episode covers topics like:
What pretotyping is and why choose it over other methods of experimentation and validation
The advantages of using data and how it avoids participant bias
Specific methods of pretotyping and how to use them in conjunction with other testing
Why you need patient leaders who are prepared to fail
How to measure risk and weigh it against reward

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