The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Show is hosted by Irish social media comedian and impressionist Al Foran. Al hosts interviews with his favourite sports personalities, comedians, social media entertainers and many more. 18+ only.

Dublin, Ireland

David Coldwell

13/11/2020 | 69 mins.
The Al Foran Podcast - S2E6

On this episode of the Al Foran Podcast, Al is joined by boxing trainer and promoter, Dave Coldwell.

Al and Dave talk about Dave's tough early years, and how boxing gave him a new purpose in life.

Dave shares some insightful behind the scenes stories of training boxers such as Tony Bellew and Derek Chisora, and how he has adapted his work to fit with his family life, and the upcoming Chisora/Usyk fight!

They talk Manchester United and Dave has a crack at the "wheel of impressions".

Episode Produced & Edited by Feed Ignite

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