The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Show is hosted by Irish social media comedian and impressionist Al Foran. Al hosts interviews with his favourite sports personalities, comedians, social media entertainers and many more. 18+ only. Produced by Feed Ignite.

Dublin, Ireland

Alexander Volkanovski

23/02/2021 | 61 mins.
The Al Foran Podcast - S2E15

On this episode of The Al Foran Podcast, Al is joined by Featherweight UFC Champion, Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski.

During this episode, Alex talks about his early career starting out playing rugby and transitioning smoothly to MMA. Al discusses Alex's past fights and they also discuss the recent Conor McGregor defeat to Dustin Poirier. Finished with some fighting impressions at the end, MMA fans won't want to miss this one!

Episode Produced & Edited by Feed Ignite

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