The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Show is hosted by Irish social media comedian and impressionist Al Foran. Al hosts interviews with his favourite sports personalities, comedians, social media entertainers and many more. 18+ only. Produced by Feed Ignite.

Dublin, Ireland

Frank Khalid

03/02/2021 | 53 mins.
The Al Foran Podcast - S2E12

This week on the show Al sits down with Entrepreneur and MASSIVE Chelsea fan Frank Khalid. Al dives into Frank's early life, his start in business leading to Chelsea players and celebrities visiting his shops and restaurants. Frank shares stories of big names such as Kanye West, Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrel. It's a great chat and ending with a game of impressions called 'Photo, No Photo'!

Episode Produced & Edited by Feed Ignite

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