The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Show is hosted by Irish social media comedian and impressionist Al Foran. Al hosts interviews with his favourite sports personalities, comedians, social media entertainers and many more. 18+ only.

Dublin, Ireland

#9 Finn Bálor

23/06/2020 | 89 mins.
The Al Foran Podcast - S1E9

On this week’s show Al is joined by global Wresting Superstar and fellow Irishman, Fergal Devitt, better known by his ring name: Finn Bálor. Al first first met Finn 2 years ago at Wrestlemania 34. In this episode, they chat about how he got into the Wrestling game, his early days in Japan, what’s really going on behind “The Demon”.

They also discuss his many other sporting pursuits, his love for Tottenham Hotspur, and why Man United are going to beat them this Friday. A must-listen for any wrestling and sporting fans. Enjoy this week’s episode of the Impressionable Hour with Al Foran!

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