Straight Talk with Mark Bouris

Straight Talk with Mark Bouris

Too many people avoid the real conversations, so I wanted to regularly sit down and get to know people, understand what makes them tick and share the great and unusual things they’re doing. There’s no sugar coating. There’s no hiding behind fancy marketing slogans. Just an honest conversation with me, Mark Bouris.

Sydney, Australia

Straight Talk with Joe Hockey

19/12/2020 | 55 mins.
Straight Talk with Mark Bouris - Joe Hockey

Former Australian Treasurer, and Australian Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey joins Mark Bouris on the latest episode of Straight Talk.

Joe and I catch up to get stuck into what he is up to now that his role as Australian Ambassador is over, the differences in business and culture between Australia and the US, and we try to answer the question of just who will be America’s next President? Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

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