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Podcasting Essentials

Every fortnight co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman, talk with experts in the podcast industry on the latest in technology, trends marketing and so much more. Podcasting Essentials is co-produced and co-hosted by Nick Schildberger, Nicole Goodman and Chris Ashmore, with technical production by Pete Letts and Belinda Trimbolli. SoundCartel specialises in audio production for Australia’s leading brands and has done so for more than 30 years, responsible for the longest-running, audio magazine - 'Business Essentials.'

Melbourne, Australia

S3E9 - How the ABC is raising the podcasting bar

20/06/2019 | 35 mins.
Podcast Essentials by Soundcartel

Since its launch in 2017, Kellie Riordan has been instrumental with the ABC's Audio Studios, a one-stop shop at the Australian public broadcaster to create new on-demand and linear audio shows.

The ABC has raised the bar with the quality level of Australian podcasts - so much so, it dominated the podium at this year's Australian Podcast Awards.

Co-hosts Nick and Chris ask Kellie to lift the lid on ABC Audio Studios and how she and her team considers which podcasts to produce.

Also, Kellie provides tips on how to produce a podcast series (think about each and every episode before you start!), and how to effectively promote your podcasts.

Plus, an exclusive! Kellie fills us in on an exciting new ABC audio series in the pipeline.

Podcasting Essentials is presented by Nick Schildberger and Chris Ashmore of BE Media Production.

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