Ghost Gate Road

Ghost Gate Road

Ghost Gate Road is one of those rare stories that you can never unhear, and it will embed itself in your subconscious like a virus and haunt you. Through time psychopaths have lived amongst us. But there are psychopaths and then there is Australia’s Vince O’Dempsey.
Produced by Whooshkaa Studios.

Sydney, Australia

#4 - Whiskey

03/12/2020 | 555 mins.
Ghost Gate Road

Vince organises an arson attack on a Brisbane city restaurant for top-level gangsters as part of an insurance scam. Soon after police begin hearing whispers on the street about the pending firebombing on a nightclub. In the early hours of March 8, 1973, the Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub is attacked, killing 15 innocent people. Survivors tell of the chaos and mayhem inside the club during that horrific moment. And the question remains – was Vince O’Dempsey behind the Whiskey mass murder?

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