Tuesdays With Stories

Tuesdays With Stories

Tuesdays with Stories is a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be their friend too.

New York City, US

#497 St. Fatty's Day

04/04/2023 | 75 mins.
Tuesdays With Stories - #497 St. Fatty's Day

The boys are in the core of the big apple, folks! Mark is back from taping his Netflix special in Chicago, and he's telling the tales everybody. Was it a smart choice to tape his special on St. Patrick's Day?
Joe is back from the Comedy Dojo, and he came back to NY for a world-class hang with his #3 best bud Henry Phillips. He heads to a rock show and gets a hookup from a Tuesgay to meet the band - but does it go south?!
Questions are answered on this week's Tuesdays! And check out the comic we talk about on the show, Keegan Tindall @keegantindall!

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