Tuesdays With Stories

Tuesdays With Stories

Tuesdays with Stories is a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be their friend too.

New York City, US

#485 Cod Couple

10/01/2023 | 70 mins.
Tuesdays With Stories - #485 Cod Couple

Mark and Joe start breaking down the locations in Boston. Joe calls for some questions from the audience, so they talk best celebrity flubs and most underrated/overrated physical features. Suddenly, Mark has a bizarre stomach attack in the middle of the episode and runs out of the room. He returns and the guys can talk about the biggest regret of their 20s, and to kick off 2023, Mark and Joe close the show with predicting upcoming celebrity deaths!

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