Tuesdays With Stories

Tuesdays With Stories

Tuesdays with Stories is a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be their friend too.

New York City, US

#472 She's a Peek-ch

04/10/2022 | 64 mins.
Tuesdays With Stories - #472 She's a Peek-ch

Tuesday is HERE, ladies and gentlemen! Joe heads to Gig Harbor to hang with the fam (not his fam, but A fam) and then to LA for his very own fish-out-of-water story. Mark deals with a nightmare Q+A on the road, and then heads to Howie Mandel's pod, where Mandel calls Mark's mom and puts her on the spot!
Joe does Bill Burr's podcast on the West Coast, and has an all-time hang in LA. It's a banger of an ep, baby!

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