The Turf Shed Podcast

The Turf Shed Podcast

The Turf Shed Podcast is an Irish based video/audio podcast focusing on the entertainment industry. Founders Dylan Connolly and Evan Barrows from Co. Galway have an ambition to bring a behind the scenes look into the priceless and unknown stories from your most loved entertainers. From new and up and coming acts to your household entertainment names, we have it all right here. In association with Turf Shed Productions, every second Wednesday, followers will be able to enjoy a new episode.
Welcome to The Turf Shed.

Galway, Ireland

#2 - Brendan Murray

18/11/2020 | 45 mins.
The Turf Shed Podcast - #2 - Brendan Murray

At the age of 21, we’re all just trying to find our feet. Out in the world, standing on our own two feet, finishing college or doing the Monday to Friday rat race. For Brendan, by the time he hit 21 he had already travelled the world, doing what he does best, music.

By watching and listening, we’re sure you’ll come away with the same impression of Brendan that anyone who meets him and gets to know him does. A genuinely open and grounded individual who just happens to have an amazing ability to captivate and entertain crowds around the world.

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