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The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Join Ireland’s most popular comic satirist for brand new comedy, rants about the state of the world, and interviews with a twist. You never know what you’ll get by pressing play on this podcast, but you always know Mario Rosenstock will be there to welcome you in.

Dublin, Ireland

PJ Gallagher on DIY, Pain, and Nightmare Corporate Standup Gigs

13/05/2021 | 47 mins.
The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Bastard files, Bush Hammers, Hardies – these are just some of the tools that PJ Gallagher has never heard of. And as the presenter of RTE’s The Big DIY Challenge, this is more than a little ironic. But it’s not about the tools for PJ, it’s about the people. He loves chatting to people, and as it happens, PJ is one of the people I have always loved chatting to. Hilarious, unpredictable, painfully honest, there’s so much to this man. 

PJ and I talk about his love/hate relationship with stand-up comedy, being crap at school and sport before finally finding the thing he was good at and that made him feel alive, racing (and falling off) motorbikes, and lots more. 

Exclusive comedy: This week all the talk was about the revelation that Eoghan Harris, one of Ireland’s best known journalists, was behind a very active and very controversial fake twitter account. Eoghan has been getting a lot of voicemails since this story broke, somebody hack into those voicemails, and sent the recordings to The Mario Rosenstock Podcast. Check them out inside …


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