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The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Join Ireland’s most popular comic satirist for brand new comedy, rants about the state of the world, and interviews with a twist. You never know what you’ll get by pressing play on this podcast, but you always know Mario Rosenstock will be there to welcome you in.

Dublin, Ireland

Meet the Man behind the Memes @BigDirtyFry

22/04/2021 | 53 mins.
The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

It’s both fascinating and encouraging to see how talented people can shoot to fame almost overnight these days. I first met Michael Fry a couple of years ago as he was starting to make a name for himself, posting funny parodies and songs on his growing social media channels, under the handle @BigDirtyFry. Michael was working hard and his unique style of comedy was slowly gaining traction. And then, suddenly, the rocket took off.
Over the last year our phones have been constantly alight with funny videos, badly needed to lift the mood. Many of those videos have been Michael’s. His social following exploded, his sketches started getting millions of hits, and his fanbase now includes comedy legends like Dawn French and Dara O’Briain.
In this episode of The Mario Rosenstock Podcast, Michael Fry plays us some of his favourite and most iconic comedy sketches and characters, and talks about the inspiration behind them. He also talks about how to stay on the positive side of social media, and has advise for other aspiring internet comedians.
Exclusive Comedy: It’s all about the Super league this week, and my podcast community colleagues each have their own unique take on the story. So click play to hear Blindboy, Nicola Tallant, and Eamon Dunphy talking about the latest development that a “super league” of podcasters are forming a cartel including The 2 Johnnies and Tommy and Hector.


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