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The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

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Dublin, Ireland

Is David Quinn Right about the Left?

27/05/2021 | 56 mins.
The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

You may not always agree with David Quinn’s opinions, but they are always incredibly well thought-out and articulated, and held with deep conviction. You might also argue that voices like his are needed now more than ever as the world currently leans liberally, and contradictory opinions are always valuable no matter what the prevailing mood.

If you are not familiar with David I think you will find this interview fascinating; if you are familiar with him, I think you might hear a side to David that perhaps you’re not familiar with.  We talk about the right/left divide, divisions within both the right and left, Covid lockdowns, and cancelation culture – but we also chat about his love of Micky Flanagan, his desire to be Albert Einstein for a day, and how he feels about being on the receiving end of so much vitriol on social media, so often.

And as ever there’s a brand new comedy sketch exclusively available to you as a fan of the Mario Rosenstock Podcast – this week, with air travel returning, Ryanair spots an opportunity…

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Enjoy the episode!


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