The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Join Ireland’s most popular comic satirist for brand new comedy, rants about the state of the world, and interviews with a twist. You never know what you’ll get by pressing play on this podcast, but you always know Mario Rosenstock will be there to welcome you in.

Dublin, Ireland

Meet Ian Dempsey: My Work Wife of 22 years

17/03/2021 | 48 mins.
The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Ian Dempsey has never been brave enough to get a massage – and for a very good reason. But more about that later.

It didn’t take us long to decide who should be the very first guest on The Mario Rosenstock Podcast. Having shared a radio studio with this man for over 20 years, who better than Ian to send me off into this brave new world of podcasting, knapsack on my back, excitement and trepidation in my heart.

You might have heard interviews with Ireland’s most-loved breakfast show presenter before, but you haven’t heard one quite like this. Ian reveals things about himself that even I didn’t know – like why he would never, ever get a massage; his desire to be able to drop an F-Bomb on the radio, his memories of the infamous Fr Joseph Marmion, and the real reason for his obsession with David Bowie. He even blew me away with his impressions of Paschal Donohoe, Joan Burton, Matt Cooper and many more!

I’ll also be trying out some new comedy skeches in this podcast series – today, we cross live to Cheltenham for the ‘Fake Moral Outrage in Horseracing Hurdle’.

I hope you enjoy episode one of this new venture – ‘hit me up on my socials’ and let me know what you think!



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