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Los Angeles, California


07/10/2020 | 68 mins.
Roach Motel - #2

Josh Potter starts out this episode by addressing some listener feedback from Episode 1. In the area of current events, Josh covers Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination, Amy Coney Barrett. Josh suggests that she was the wrong choice and recommends that a cool Columbian judge, Vivian Polania, might be a better suited candidate. The cockroach also discusses Judge Napolitano of Fox News fame's recent allegations, a surgeon who got caught hoarding body parts, Delonte West, the former NBA player who is now homeless after having relations with Lebron James' mom, and more! Potter responds to backlash from his coverage of the No Jumper girls, and issues a formal apology. He wraps up this episode by playing a game in which Enny makes NFL predictions based solely on post game outfits of 10 selected quarterbacks.