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Los Angeles, California

#15 John Nady/Inventor of the Wireless Guitar and Microphone

19/02/2021 | 69 mins.
The Grail with Dean Delray

Today we have a genius on The Grail, Mr John Nady Inventor of

the Wireless Guitar and Microphone.

John grew up in the Bay Area playing in Rock n Roll bands and one day he had an idea. What if you could play your guitar wireless and from that day on he made history.

He went from his garage to a Multi Million Dollar company called Nady Wireless in just a few short years.

There is not a professional musician on stage that hasn't used some kind of wireless unit.

John was also the owner of some of the biggest night clubs in the Bay Area including The Stone,The Omni and The One Step Beyond.

Tune in and here his story.


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