The Delve with Mike Sheridan

The Delve with Mike Sheridan

Mike Sheridan delves into the lives and careers of some of the most notable people in Irish and global popular culture.

Dublin, Ireland

Dave Rubin

24/10/2018 | 59 mins.
The Delve - Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin is the host of the extremely popular series, The Rubin Report where he interviews people of note from the world of culture and politics.

In this long-form discussion with Mike Sheridan, he talks... a group of sorts that he is a member 'The Intellectual Dark Web', Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan and free flowing conversation, Brett Kavanagh, Elizabeth Warren, Gary Johnson, the Ben Shapiro and Mark Duplass tweet storm, Hilary Clinton and if retrospect meant he would've voted for Donald Trump. But more broadly speaking, the need for freedom of speech, conversation and big ideas. Find The Delve wherever you download your podcasts or on 4fm every Sunday night at 10pm.

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