The David McWilliams Podcast

The David McWilliams Podcast

The aim of this weekly podcast is to make economics easy, uncomplicated and accessible. With the world at a political, technological and financial tipping point, economics has never been so important to all of us and yet, it’s made inaccessible and complicated by so many.

Dublin, Ireland

#87 - “Don’t cry for me Great-Brit-Annia” - to be sung imagining Boris Johnson channelling his inner Elaine Page

17/11/2020 | 49 mins.
The David McWilliams Podcast

Is Boris Johnson England’s Eva Peron? All through my wild days, my mad existence…..and all that stuff, anyway we get to this point following an amazing conversation with economist Adam Posen about the USA. imperial delusions, NASCAR and the commercial fairytale that is Brexit. There’s lots in here from economic gravity, the “Great Patriot/Shit Citizen” dilemma & Northern Irish football melodies to a bit of Picasso, Joyce & early 20th century modernism.

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