The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Podcast

The Al Foran Show is hosted by Irish social media comedian and impressionist Al Foran. Al hosts interviews with his favourite sports personalities, comedians, social media entertainers and many more. 18+ only.

Dublin, Ireland

Paddy McGuinness

11/11/2020 | 70 mins.
The Al Foran Podcast - S2E4

On this episode of the Al Foran Podcast, Al is joined by comedian, actor and TV presenter, Paddy McGuinness. They chat about Paddy's life, his start as an actor in Phoenix Nights and more recently, his success with presenting on popular TV shows. We also chat about his love for Bolton Wanderers, plus 'The Wheel of Impressions' makes it debut on the show... Enjoy the show folks!

Episode Produced & Edited by Feed Ignite

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