Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon is a Welsh actor, comedian, radio and television presenter, singer and impressionist.

London, UK

S1E8 - Alison Steadman’s top performances, Gavin & Stacey and meeting the Wales rugby team

08/09/2020 | 17 mins.
Rob Brydon - S1E8 - Alison Steadman

OH MY CHRIST! This week Rob is joined by the wonderful Alison Steadman, aka Gavin’s doting mum Pamela in Gavin & Stacey. Alison describes the moment she received the script for Pam’s first scene and how she knew instantly that she wanted to play the role. Rob and Alison then discuss meeting the rest of the cast and the anticipation that came with getting back into character for the big Christmas Special in 2019. Alison also talks about her love of improvisation and gives us her some of her favourite roles in her career so far, including roles in Abigail’s Party, Nuts in May and News Hounds.

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