Roam From Home

Roam From Home

ROAM From Home is a home-sound experiment in candid conversation with some of the most prominent voices in the world of adventure. Explorers, athletes, filmmakers and adventure icons from the ROAM Universe share their stories from life in the field, plus the tactics, and tools they are using in day-to-day life during these unprecedented times. Co-hosted by ROAM Founder Chris Jerard and National Geographic photographer and Alpinist Cory Richards.

Boulder, Colorado, US

#8 - Goth Babe - Making Music and Living Simply

17/04/2020 | 71 mins.
Roam From Home - #8 - Goth Babe

Griff Washburn AKA Goth Babe Music

Goth Babe is Griff Washburn enjoying himself.
Originally from Tennessee, Griff currently lives in a Tiny House with his pup Sadie in the mountains of Washington. When not on the road touring, Griff and Sadie are off enjoying the outdoors in the great Pacific Northwest. Snow, surf, and trails are plenty to occupy them in their offseason. Griff has seemed to have picked up on the brighter parts of life. Parting ways with social status and relevance, he’s discovered how wonderful living day by day is. Making music to Griff is less a climb to the top, as it is a form of free-thinking and enjoyment. In this episode, Cory and CJ talk with Griff about his origin story, including where the name GothBabe comes from. His pathway to success as a musician started with a short stint in New York City that quickly led to a realization that the rat race was not for him. He led moved into a Ford Explorer and drove west to find a new path.  Creating music for years on his own out of his car, living simply and honing his craft.

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