Roam From Home

Roam From Home

ROAM From Home is a home-sound experiment in candid conversation with some of the most prominent voices in the world of adventure. Explorers, athletes, filmmakers and adventure icons from the ROAM Universe share their stories from life in the field, plus the tactics, and tools they are using in day-to-day life during these unprecedented times. Co-hosted by ROAM Founder Chris Jerard and National Geographic photographer and Alpinist Cory Richards.

Boulder, Colorado, US

#16 - Hilaree Nelson - Working Through Trauma

09/06/2020 | 64 mins.
Roam From Home - #16 - Hilaree Nelson

Hilaree Nelson is a total badass in the mountains. Our conversation with Hilaree, takes a close look at the process, the hard fought journeys, the desperate moments of adventure and self analysis that ultimately lead to confronting your self head on. She has challenged herself mentally and physically as much as a person can. Her work on identity as a female athlete, often on male dominated teams and as a mother are fascinating and valuable for anyone who has faced the “hamster wheel” of mental questioning. She has an incredible story of life experiences that have helped her achieve more mastery of her mindset, catching negative thoughts, gain focus,  perspective and find success. “And hopefully I’m more fun to be around.”

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