Roam From Home

Roam From Home

ROAM From Home is a home-sound experiment in candid conversation with some of the most prominent voices in the world of adventure. Explorers, athletes, filmmakers and adventure icons from the ROAM Universe share their stories from life in the field, plus the tactics, and tools they are using in day-to-day life during these unprecedented times. Co-hosted by ROAM Founder Chris Jerard and National Geographic photographer and Alpinist Cory Richards.

Boulder, Colorado, US

#12 - Julian Carr - Thinking Through Fear

20/05/2020 | 57 mins.
Roam From Home - #12 - Julian Carr

Julian Carr holds multiple world records for ski cliff drops. He has successfully executed 100+ foot drops over a dozen times and walked away without a scratch. This conversation dives into the fact that he is not an “adrenaline junkie”. His approach is one of being grateful, present and working through fear. By “dissecting fear” Julien has been able to achieve moments of connection with himself and his surroundings that make the impossible – possible.

Widely recognized for the biggest airs in skiing, Julian Carr has been featured in seven Warren Miller films, developing a reputation not only for big airs, but for all around skiing. He’s received a ‘Photo of the Year’ award from Powder Magazine, won the prestigious Sickbird Award on the Freeskiing World Tour, X-Games GOLD Medalist, & he holds two world records in cliff height. Julian serves as an ambassador for Protect Our Winters (POW), Climate Reality Project, & board member of Lands Conservation Foundation. He’s the founder of Discrete Clothing. Most recently, Julian founded a mountain running series, the Cirque Series, which is in its fourth season.

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