Roam From Home

Roam From Home

ROAM From Home is a home-sound experiment in candid conversation with some of the most prominent voices in the world of adventure. Explorers, athletes, filmmakers and adventure icons from the ROAM Universe share their stories from life in the field, plus the tactics, and tools they are using in day-to-day life during these unprecedented times. Co-hosted by ROAM Founder Chris Jerard and National Geographic photographer and Alpinist Cory Richards.

Boulder, Colorado, US

#11 - Aaron Huey - The Power of Creative Collaboration

05/05/2020 | 61 mins.
Roam From Home - #11 - Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is a tireless force of art and activism. He is truly an Adventurer with Purpose.

He is someone who makes content that moves the dial. While well-known as a National Geographic Photographer, and contributor to many national publications, he self-describes as a “someone who makes media experiments.”  And his work and history proves the statement. From a 3,349 mile walk across America and a genesis in scrappy editorial assignments to landing on the main stage at TEDTalks to collaborating with Shepard Fairy on street art, Aaron’s journey is inspiring and unique.

It’s a rapid fire conversation between Cory and Aaron. Potent episode!

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