Podcast Essentials

Podcasting Essentials

Every fortnight co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman, talk with experts in the podcast industry on the latest in technology, trends marketing and so much more. Podcasting Essentials is co-produced and co-hosted by Nick Schildberger, Nicole Goodman and Chris Ashmore, with technical production by Pete Letts and Belinda Trimbolli. SoundCartel specialises in audio production for Australia’s leading brands and has done so for more than 30 years, responsible for the longest-running, audio magazine - 'Business Essentials.'

Melbourne, Australia

S3E14 - The art of the interview – and the craft of production

27/08/2019 | 27 mins.
Podcast Essentials by Soundcartel

A special treat this episode – first we hear from BE's own executive producer, Heather Dawson, on what makes a great interview. Heather - a former BBC and ABC journalist - has interviewed thousands of guests in her career. She says the art of the interview comes down to the planning as well as the execution.

Also, we hear from workplace psychologist, Ellen Jackson, whose podcast, Potential Psychology, was recognised as a finalist in this year's Australian Podcast Awards. Ellen's production process is an inspiration for others looking to promote their own brand through podcasting. She explains how podcast aligns with her other business and marketing goals, how she interviews guests from all corners of the world and her advice for others thinking of creating their own podcast.

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