Ghost Gate Road

Ghost Gate Road

Ghost Gate Road is one of those rare stories that you can never unhear, and it will embed itself in your subconscious like a virus and haunt you. Through time psychopaths have lived amongst us. But there are psychopaths and then there is Australia’s Vince O’Dempsey.
Produced by Whooshkaa Studios.

Sydney, Australia

#5 - In the Ashes

08/12/2020 | 54 mins.
Ghost Gate Road

In the aftermath of the Whiskey tragedy, to that point Australia’s worst mass murder, two men are arrested and charged, but did police get all of the perpetrators? Shocking new details emerge about the planning behind the Whiskey attack, and the possible involvement of corrupt police and organised crime. And one of the country’s most notorious police officers lets slip a tantalising clue about Vince and the firebombing. Within 10 months of the blaze, suburban mother Barbara McCulkin and her two young daughters are taken into bushland outside Warwick and brutally murdered and raped. Why? Did Barbara and the girls die because she knew the truth behind the Whiskey?

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