Ghost Gate Road

Ghost Gate Road

Ghost Gate Road is one of those rare stories that you can never unhear, and it will embed itself in your subconscious like a virus and haunt you. Through time psychopaths have lived amongst us. But there are psychopaths and then there is Australia’s Vince O’Dempsey.
Produced by Whooshkaa Studios.

Sydney, Australia

#3 - A Black Day for Society

01/12/2020 | 48 mins.
Ghost Gate Road

In the early 1970s, after several stretches in prison for assault, possession of a handgun and robbery, Vince is a free man. A monster is on the loose. He makes powerful connections with the Sydney underworld and is a gunman for hire. He also hooks up with a Brisbane criminal outfit called the Clockwork Orange Gang. Secretly, however, he commits the cardinal sin for a crook. He goes into business with corrupt police.

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